Deborah Alfa

Deborah Alfa
Me Again Founder

Deborah Alfa has been a hair stylist for over 16 years and with a passion for education she continued to develop her skills.

After completing a teaching degree and working with young adults she decided to take a different route in education. Attending a life coaching course and combining this with her holistic therapy qualification she travelled around schools on the Wirral teaching life skills and confidence building workshops to teenagers. Finding a passion for well being her work led to facilitating well-being workshops in companies, which held stressful jobs. Then she fell in love with the salon she currently owns and took on a whole new role as business owner.

Here she met some fabulous women who had been diagnosed with cancer and as their hair stylist they confided in her and asked advice regarding hair loss and wigs. Using her passion for education and not knowing what advice to give she decided to attend a variety of courses obtaining certificates in scalp specialisation and MY NEW HAIR qualification for wig personalisation & advice. Her passion to help people, the loss of family members and the stories told by her clients who have undergone cancer treatment, has given Deborah a whole new drive to create a Beauty Hub for women diagnosed with cancer.

ME AGAIN was created and was awarded best start-up social enterprise in 2017. Although this was put on hold, Deborah continued to develop and create ME AGAIN and is looking forward to supporting women through their journey.


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