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All our treatments are held in a comfortable and supportive environment so that you are able to sit back and relax. Each service is carried out by a fully qualified member of our team, who will tailor your treatment to meet your needs.

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Please note we will require our treatment form to be filled out by your doctor/specialist nurse before we can conduct most of our services so that you  can benefit from the best treatments available to you DOWNLOAD HERE or request a form to be sent out to you by calling 0151-342- 5903 alternatively email info@meagain.org.uk

Wig services

We understand that choosing a wig can be quite overwhelming. We offer a private room for all our guests for their consultation and wig selection. Here you will be able to select from a variety of different styles & colours in a relaxing environment. Each collection offers a different style cap for comfort and adjustable straps to help secure the wig in place. Or if turbans and headscarves are your choice then we offer a good variety to choose from.  As with all of our wigs we offer a variety of services to personalise your wig the way you want it.

Scalp services

There are many reasons you may sustain hair loss during your treatment. This is something your specialist nurse and medical team will be able to discuss with you as well as the options available to you. Some of you will be advised that you may experience hair loss for others this may not always be the case. Whether you lose your hair, experience some hair loss or none at all, many of you will experience similarities like sensitivities and dryness of the scalp. It is important to look after the scalp to help maintain a healthy environment for your hair to grow.  We offer advice on how you can look after your scalp during and after treatment.

Aftercare and advice

Once your treatment has finished and your hair starts to return to normal or grows back, you will often find your hair can be dry and brittle. We offer advice on the best way to help maintain healthy hair and scalp and offer a LEARN TO STYLE workshop where you can get tips and advice on how to style your new hair. We also offer advice on colouring your hair during or after treatment, the relative tests you will need and the best application that will be best for you.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing practice, which has been around for hundreds of years. It is a non-invasive supportive therapy that aids:

  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Sleep deprivation

This service is carried out in our relaxation room. With soft music and candles you can’t help but switch of during your 40 minute treatment. Our therapist uses gentle touch or slightly holds her hands above you whilst you are fully clothed and takes you into a deep relaxation.


Reflexology is a supportive therapy, which has been used for centuries. This entails a gentle massage to specific areas of the feet that correspond with the different organs throughout the body and aids the body’s natural heeling powers. Some of the benefits you may receive from reflexology are:

  • Relaxation
  • Pain relief
  • Helps with stress and anxiety
  • Helps lift mood and gives a feeling of well being

This is a 45 minute treatment held in our relaxation room with soft music and candles it is a nice way to off load to your therapist during this treatment.

Massage therapy

We offer a variety of massage treatments, including Indian head massage and holistic body massage. Our massage therapist Sara Williams is fully qualified in Oncology massage and will be able to help you decide which treatment will be best for you.

Massage therapy can aid in:

  • Relaxation of the mind and body
  • Tension relief
  • Pain relief
  • Improve the flow of the fluid in the lymphatic system

With each treatment tailored to your needs you will be left feeling deeply relaxed

Facial Treatments

We offer a variety of facial treatments, which will be tailored to you individually by our Oncology therapist Sara Williams. Using a selection of Noubalm natural skin care range, Her facials will leave your skin rejuvenated and you feeling totally relaxed.


A nourishing and moisturizing treatment using Noubalm natural skin care range, designed to leave your hands and feet feeling completely renewed. Finished with a colour application of your choice.


In life we can sometimes experience difficult feelings or situations that we need to make sense of. On occasions we may need to talk to somebody about our feelings of hurt, anger, sadness, anxiety or distress. This may be due to relationships, loss, health concerns or many other things that can occur in our lives.

Counselling offers a safe, confidential space without judgement to help you to develop a better understanding of yourself and others. It can allow you to explore any concerns you may have in your life. It can help you to find your own solutions, through exploration and being listened to and understood. By talking about your feelings you may find new ways of coping and gain new perspectives. This may not be an easy process, it can be difficult to open up and experience our feelings intensely. It is important that you feel comfortable with your therapist as this is a major factor in enabling you to work through your feelings openly.

Scar Work

Scar tissue is very dense with unique properties. Scar work uses light touch and is rarely painful even for new scars. The amount of change felt and seen after just one session is considerable. The cosmetic and functional changes are profound. Scars of any age, natural or surgical respond immediately. Scar tissue quality changes quickly. Gaps, ridges, bumps, holes and knots rapidly smooth out. Scar work starts with the superficial layers right through to any visceral. Scar work often results in big whole body shifts, trauma resolution, and improvement in nerve impaired numbness.

The improvements of scar work are permanent

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