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Oct 29, 2019Blog

I have a lot of ladies who come in for their wig fitting explaining that they use baby shampoo as its kind and gentle to the hair. Baby shampoo has been recommended, as it is one of the gentlest shampoos to use during and after chemotherapy. This is because the ingredients used to create the shampoo are much gentler than those used in adult shampoos, with some formulas being sulphate free.
The downside to baby shampoo, however is that they are formulated to be ‘no more tears’, so that they do not sting the eyes. The pH level of the shampoo therefore is in the region of 7-7.5; which is the same pH as your tears – hence why it does not sting the eyes.

But is it good for the scalp?

The natural pH of the scalp is 5.5, so using a shampoo with a similar pH level to the scalp would be much gentler to use. A lot of adult shampoos are now formulated to be kinder to the hair and scalp, so look for one that is gentle, paraben and sulphate free. Avoid anything that has built in UV protection, as these tend to contain benzophenones. Also, stay away from anti-dandruff formulations as these strip the scalp. It is a mind-field out there, so choosing the shampoo that is right for you and your scalp can be quite confusing, so please read my blog on ‘sulphates and parabens’ to find out what you need to know.

Be aware of the ingredients hidden in a lot of shampoos and do your research. We use a scalp range which is naturally derived, dermatologically tested, paraben and sulphate free, kind and gentle on the scalp.


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