Information for Professional & Healthcare workers

Me Again CIC is a regulated community interest company which has been set up as  a social enterprise rather than a charity.

We have a clear not for profit basis which means that all monies that we receive are used to provide services and activities that benefit a section of the community or the community as a whole.

Our company registration details and structure can be found on the legal page of this website.

We fund our services by grants, donations, fund raising activities and a limited trading income, so we would be grateful for any support you can offer. Please see our Support Us page for ideas of how you can do this.

The visible physical and emotional side effects of cancer treatments can take their toll on women psychologically and they can often become isolated and lonely during and after treatment.

Our mission is to enhance the wellbeing and emotional resilience of cancer patients by fostering self esteem and renewed confidence by the provision of free community activities and courses, subsidised beauty and complementary therapies, and personalised wig fitting services.

We have initiated links with local hospital trusts and cancer charities so that we can work together to provide a high level of support to these patients at a time that they need it most and going forward, whatever their circumstances.

Our strategic aims include:

Provide an informal learning programme through our monthly Coffee Mornings

To encourage peer support and friendship to counteract loneliness and isolation

To promote community activities for physical and mental well-being

To create awareness within the local community of the ongoing need for psychological support for women diagnosed with cancer;

To invest in oncology training to promote safe and exceptional care, centred around the ongoing physical and mental wellbeing of clients as opposed to disease care.

Following evidence-based research and guidelines to promote effective lifestyle choices

Our ultimate aim is for a woman to feel that she has become  ‘Me Again’


"A very welcoming group with a variety of activities and much more- it has enabled me to discover ‘me ‘ again."



"Me Again helps you take control of your situation and make the best of it. The Coffee Mornings are interesting , informative and relaxed with a good dose of humour thrown in- the best medicine of all."



"People will forget what you say and they will forget what you do, but they will never forget how you make them feel. Thank you from me."



"It was great to speak to someone who just ‘knew’ and understood straight away. You knew what was going on with my scalp and made me feel so much better. It doesn’t hurt as much anymore."



"I am so glad that I found you."



"It’s me again- you’ve made me look like me again"



"Interesting talks and demonstrations, plenty of laughter and a good cup of tea. Going home with a smile on your face - fantastic! Me Again!"



"Thanks so much for this morning’s baking session! It was so nice to connect with people who are going through similar challenges- I’ve found it so lonely so far since my diagnosis"



Chilly Dipping puts me in my happy place, laughing, exhilarated, a feeling of togetherness and calm, skin pink and tingly, feeling healthy and glad to be part of such a lovely group’



"Chilly Dipping makes me feel alive! My skin tingles, my inner child laughs out loud and my energy levels push me for the rest of the day- until its time to sleep and what a great sleep I have!"



"Thank you for the Me Again Coffee Morning- it was good to see everyone and I really enjoyed it!"



"Loved the musical coffee morning today. Jenny was ace."



"Thank you for this morning- it was very enjoyable and lots of fun. Looking forward to the next Coffee Morning!"