We aim to help ease the physical side affects of surgery and treatments and the understandable emotional reaction that you may experience before, during and after your treatment and your physical recovery period is over.

You may also be living with cancer and need enhanced and ongoing support.


Our treatments follow oncology guidelines and are tailored personally to you and your particular needs.

The natural product ranges we use are chosen to help stressed, fragile and reactive skins and scalps, and are effective in eliminating loss of tone, dryness and sensitivity.

Our oncology trained therapists work in synergy with your skin, body and mind to promote repair, relaxation and wellbeing. They use safe, expert massage techniques to help counteract the demands of stress, medication and fatigue.

So that we can provide you with safe treatments appropriate to your personal health conditions and for our insurance purposes, we would request that you provide us with a consent form completed by an appropriate member of your medical team or GP. We will need to have the form in our possession before we can book a treatment for you.

Please note that due to Covid 19 restrictions we are unable to offer ‘hands on’ facial and massage treatments until further notice.

You can download the form for printing using the button below.

Alternatively, contact us and we will be happy to supply one to you and answer any queries about our services and treatments that you may have.

0151-342- 5903

alternatively email

Blissful Facial

A deeply hydrating treatment for skin- designed to improve skin texture and leave your skin rejuvenated with reduced pigmentation and visible clarity. An effective rescue remedy giving nourishing comfort and repair, it invigorates the skin to leave you with a natural radiant glow. A gentle scalp massage is included.


Hair Care

We provide hair care and advice from the point of diagnosis, during and after treatment. We advise on treatment side effects, cutting, shaving and restorative treatments. We will also help with styling and colouring when regrowth occurs.

Wig styling

We supply a large variety of wigs and offer private and bespoke wig fitting and styling appointments. We also provide ongoing wig care and will wash, cut and style your own independently sourced wig.



Scalp Massage

A gentle scalp massage using stimulating and completely natural products to help moisturise and calm the scalp.

Scalp treatment

A soothing treatment for the scalp using stimulating, safe and completely natural products to help moisturise and calm the scalp during hair loss and regrowth periods.


Reiki is a simple, safe and natural Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by the laying on of hands and based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through the body. The whole person is treated by Reiki including body, emotions, mind and spirit, creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. It aids sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety.


Body Massage

A bespoke relaxing, soft touch massage to ease aches, pain and tension
to help you rebalance and become re- energised. You will be left feeling deeply relaxed.  A scalp massage is also included to ensure that the massage is pure indulgence.




Reflexology (Zone therapy) is a non-intrusive therapy involving the application of pressure to different points on the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. The points to which pressure is applied correspond with different areas of the body. Reflexology is used to help the body to restore its balance naturally. After a reflexology treatment your tension may be reduced and there may be an improvement in your well-being and sleeping patterns.


Indian Head Massage

A variety of techniques, pressures and rhythms are used to manipulate soft tissue, leaving you relaxed and completely at ease. Soothes the back, neck, scalp and face, relieving tension and helping with stress, fatigue and headaches.


Luxury Manicure

A rejuvenating hand and nail care treatment, ideal for damaged and weakened nails. A nourishing and moisturising hot glove manicure that is designed to leave your hands soft and hydrated. Your nails will be beautifully polished with an application of your chosen colour of breathable nail varnish that allows the nail to continue to absorb oxygen and promotes healthy growth.



Luxury Pedicure

A therapeutic and soothing pedicure designed to leave feet refreshed and toe nails groomed with an application of your chosen colour of breathable nail varnish.