Wigs & Head Coverings

 We understand that choosing a wig or head covering can be quite overwhelming. We help many clients throughout their hair loss experience and understand that you can also feel vulnerable at this time. We have created a private wig room in a relaxing environment to give you space and protect your privacy and dignity.

Our wig services include:

Consultation – This is a one to one consultation held in our separate wig room. We will discuss different wig options and styles with you and then fit the wigs of your choice so you can decide which one suits you best and feels the most comfortable.

You will be able to select from a variety of different styles, fittings and colours of wigs. 




Wig Personalisation – We provide a cutting service to help achieve a more natural feel & finish to your wig.

Bespoke Wig Design – we offer a bespoke service so you can have your wig designed to your exact specifications.

Wig Wash and Blow – Drop your wig off to the salon and we will wash and blow it for you to help maintain the quality and shape of your wig.

The current brochures of the brands that we offer are shown below so that you can browse them at your leisure before your consultation.

We also offer a good choice and variety of head coverings such as turbans and headscarves if you feel this option would be  preferable to a wig.



Sentoo Collection
Amore Collection 2020
Noriko Collection 2020/21
The Echo Collection
Hi Fashion Collection 2021
Trendco Collection
Trendco Mens Collection
Rene of Paris
Stimulate Colours