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Finding out that you have cancer is traumatic. Cancer is a disease that not only affects you physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. 

The effects of your treatment can change your appearance and cause insecurity and lack of confidence just at a time when you need emotional strength and a positive attitude.  

You may also feel overwhelmed, lonely and isolated.

You can be affected many years after treatment finishes or if you are living with cancer.

Me Again can help from your diagnosis and beyond.


We offer a fantastic variety of activities and courses from cookery to yoga to help you find support, friendship with and laughter with others that understand. Our community activities and courses are offered free of charge.

We also hold our Coffee mornings the first Friday of every month. We want you to relax and have fun and all the speakers have been especially chosen to help you learn different things which may help you at this time.

We have a specialist speaker each month on a variety of topics such as flower arranging, sugarcraft, nutrition,  overcoming sleep problems and many more. 

We also have an amazing team of oncology therapists help you to regain your confidence and your smile – and make you feel like ‘Me Again’.


From manicures and pedicures, to massages and complementary therapies, there is a great choice of treatments which are offered at a greatly subsidised price.

We accept NHS prescriptions for wigs and our scalp and wig specialists will support you before, during and after hair loss and in the period of regrowth too.  

All this is provided at our fantastic Health and Wellness Centre in the lovely Courtyard at Brimstage which is open Tuesday to Friday, 10 am until 4pm.

You can be sure of a warm welcome and helping hand to help you become Me Again.

Please note that during lockdown periods or when Covid 19 restrictions are in place, the Coffee Mornings, activities and courses will be held by Zoom and  treatments will be suspended to comply with Covid regulations. 


“It was a fluke that I discovered Me Again- the first coffee morning I went to was about Scar Massage and being told that the future could be better was overwhelming. I have now had some treatments and my pain has been eased enormously.”



“A very welcoming group with a variety of activities and much more- it has enabled me to discover ‘me ‘ again.”



“Me Again helps you take control of your situation and make the best of it. The Coffee Mornings are interesting , informative and relaxed with a good dose of humour thrown in- the best medicine of all.”



“People will forget what you say and they will forget what you do, but they will never forget how you make them feel. Thank you from me.”



“It was great to speak to someone who just ‘knew’ and understood straight away. You knew what was going on with my scalp and made me feel so much better. It doesn’t hurt as much anymore.”



“Lindsey has helped me so much. I don’t think I could have got through without her. Reiki really helped.”



“I am so glad that I found you.”



“It’s me again- you’ve made me look like me again”



“Interesting talks and demonstrations, plenty of laughter and a good cup of tea. Going home with a smile on your face – fantastic! Me Again!”



Me Again Health and Wellness Community Centre,

Upper Floor,

Unit 2,

Brimstage Courtyard,


CH63 1JA


0151 342 5903



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© 2018 | All Rights Reserved | Me Again CIC | Built By: Hub Graphics

© 2018 | All Rights Reserved | Me Again CIC | Built By: Hub Graphics

© 2018 | All Rights Reserved | Me Again CIC | Built By: Hub Graphics

© 2018 | All Rights Reserved | Me Again CIC | Built By: Hub Graphics